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TransMedics, the Organ Care System puts a donated heart into conditions similar to those inside a person’s chest, preserving it at near-body-temperature for up to ten hours. Tubes connected to its chambers cycle through a one-litre supply of the donor’s blood and nutrients, and a canister in the machine provides the oxygen. “Half the time, once we begin perfusing the organ, it starts beating spontaneously.

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We do offer delivery and shipping right up to your door steps. Once you place an order with us for any organ on sale and pay for it, we get to package it by placing it in one of our live machines which regulates and keeps the organ working. This machine can keep and preserve these organs for at least one year before usage.

Your order will equally be coming with one of our agents who will travel to secure and safeguard same during transit and it can be delivered any part of the world without any problems. Delivery will take just 2 days within USA and CANADA, and 3 to 5 days worldwide.