The best place to find Human Organs for Sale, Human Body Parts for Sale, Where to Buy Human Organs Online with %100 discreet packaging and safe shipping worldwide. ORGAN CITY is here to help those who have been suffering from issues like heart failures or kidney failures. We have already extracted human organs in save, healthy and conducive conditions now awaiting orders from the general public. We have machines that can store these organs for one year without any issues, the heart is still beating and pumping blood normally while waiting for a new transplant. Our donors are usually our patients who probably suffered from accidents and other illnesses that does not affect their vital organs, as such we consult their families and also get their personal consent so as to help the world.

We are one of the best medical experts in the world from different countries (India, USA, CA, AU, China, UAE & EU) with a common goal to help the world. Well reserved, healthy with discreet packaging and delivery to any part of the world. Our machine can bring a human heart back from the dead. TransMedics, the Organ Care System puts a donated heart into conditions similar to those inside a person’s chest, preserving it at near-body-temperature for up to ten hours. Tubes connected to its chambers cycle through a one-litre supply of the donor’s blood and nutrients, and a canister in the machine provides the oxygen. “Half the time, once we begin perfusing the organ, it starts beating spontaneously.


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Human Kidney

Human Kidney For Sale